Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Weight lose is like a bowl of rocky road ice cream...

Well today is weigh in day and I can’t say that I am that thrilled with the results.  I guess the fact that I lost weight it a positive but the fact that I didn’t meet my goal of 6 pounds for the week is kind of saddening. So to date from January 22nd 2014 I have lost 13.6 pounds. I did lose a couple inches in the week.  I suppose inches count too…RIGHT? 

Upper arm

This weight loss means two things to me…step up my game and more water!   I have been doing great with the food part of my plan.  I have been following weight watchers exactly and eating within my plan point and eating a fruit or vegetable with every meal.  I think that the exercise part is the part I am lacking. I COULD do more.   For instance while I was watching Juan the other night I could have been on the spin bike instead of the recliner.  Its little things like that, which I could change in the upcoming weeks.

Things I have learned this week:

Make being fit and healthy a priority in your life! PUT YOURSELF FIRST!

You must put everything else on the back burner, your number one goal is losing weight. I understand people saying you shouldn’t put it before family, friends or your job but in reality you have to put everything aside and fight this battle like your life is on the line and it IS! Nothing is going to help you succeed other than yourself putting yourself first. Think about it before you judge that comment.  Diabetes, heart disease, heart attack…the list goes on.  Think about it…Losing weight should be your number one!

Don’t hoard the points or calories!

I currently get 41 points a day.  I EAT ALL MY POINTS! Fruit and vegetables do not count as points unless you eat more, like you can’t eat 5 cups of strawberries because the sugar in the strawberries are going to haunt you and turn into sugars.  One thing that will happen is that you will literally be starving by 6 pm if you don’t space out and plan your meals.  I usually eat dinner around 5 pm so I can still have time to move around and burn off the food that I just consumed. Each week you lose weight the points go down.  I think I started with 48 points now I am at 41.  I am not sure exactly why this happens but I look at it as a way to incorporate more fruit and vegetables into your diet.  Fill up on them if you are still craving something to eat. Which leads me to the next item…


Okay I am not going to lie I have a sweet tooth a BIG sweet tooth. There are ways to beat that sweet tooth to death.   Try the black bean brownies for instance or some other recipe that uses something healthy but is still sweet and delicious ---Not avocado chocolate chip cookies.  PASS! This was not a good recipe which left a strange after taste in your mouth.  The number one way is fruit.  Grapes—the kind that explode in your mouth full of favor and the skin just pops or strawberries.  Fruit can be a good thing and if you still need something extra try a couple ounces of dark chocolate chips.  If I was going to buy some I would by the minis so that you could have more because honestly when it comes to this matter it is about quantity over quality. Oh and for goodness sakes limit the sugary drinks.  I used to drink a gallon of ice tea a day.  A FREAKING GALLON! I do still buy ice tea but it’s just as a’s there if I need it but usually I go days without drinking it. Or just drink the mocha banana shake I posted a couple days ago...

Stay Positive

Even with a 3.4lbs loss you have to stay positive and keep a clear head and move on to the next week.  Stay on track and continue the journey.  I know that some days it will be less some days more.  If you are honest with yourself and put in the effort there is nothing to be disappointed about and don’t set ridiculous goals.  I did that this week.  I set a goal of six pounds but didn’t factor in that once a month visit all us girls get.  So I suppose a 3.4 pound lose is pretty decent since the salty and chocolate cravings could of sent me into gaining instead of losing any weight.

Until next time…

Monday, February 3, 2014

Set yourself up for success!

One of the biggest challenges I found out now a going on two weeks of this weight loss journey is PLANNING!!!! Being a mother of an overly active six year old involved in so many activities it is sometimes easier just to grab a quick snack and head out the door than it is to prepare a nutritious meal.

For instance two Saturdays ago we had baseball camp from 10-12...we left the house around 9 and I just grabbed a pear. By 10:30 I felt like my stomach was eating itself. Then by 12 I was literally ready to faint from hunger. I did the unthinkable a drive threw when your so hungry. I did only get a mustard chicken wrap which was 9 pts. I was pissed! You can bet your ass I planned ahead this past Saturday. I ate a breakfast and had a snack with just incase i found myself hungry.

One thing I found to be an excellent way of staying on track was to prepare healthy snacks ahead of time counted out and bagged. So when I want something salty I count out 19 pretzels then count out another 19 and place them in a baggy so I can have them handy. Fruit and vegetables are the same way. Vegetables are washed and cut in the refrigerator and fruit at my finger tips washed and ready to devore.

This is all the cut fruit and vegetables eye height in the refrigerator. 

Fruit placed out. 

 Sometimes the best planning can't help you...I met a friend for a lunch/couponing adventure I ordered a half chicken sandwich and side salad. What I got was a whole crispy chicken sandwich dipping with massive points and a side of fries I did not want and a huge loaded with cheese salad.

This is what I took home. I asked the lady was this the half a sandwich she responded yes and then added oh I put fries on the plate because it looked empty...any other time I would have loved fries...can't win sometimes!

All in all I think I'm doing a pretty good job of staying within my point and still eating healthy .  Planning is the key!

Until next time...