Monday, February 3, 2014

Set yourself up for success!

One of the biggest challenges I found out now a going on two weeks of this weight loss journey is PLANNING!!!! Being a mother of an overly active six year old involved in so many activities it is sometimes easier just to grab a quick snack and head out the door than it is to prepare a nutritious meal.

For instance two Saturdays ago we had baseball camp from 10-12...we left the house around 9 and I just grabbed a pear. By 10:30 I felt like my stomach was eating itself. Then by 12 I was literally ready to faint from hunger. I did the unthinkable a drive threw when your so hungry. I did only get a mustard chicken wrap which was 9 pts. I was pissed! You can bet your ass I planned ahead this past Saturday. I ate a breakfast and had a snack with just incase i found myself hungry.

One thing I found to be an excellent way of staying on track was to prepare healthy snacks ahead of time counted out and bagged. So when I want something salty I count out 19 pretzels then count out another 19 and place them in a baggy so I can have them handy. Fruit and vegetables are the same way. Vegetables are washed and cut in the refrigerator and fruit at my finger tips washed and ready to devore.

This is all the cut fruit and vegetables eye height in the refrigerator. 

Fruit placed out. 

 Sometimes the best planning can't help you...I met a friend for a lunch/couponing adventure I ordered a half chicken sandwich and side salad. What I got was a whole crispy chicken sandwich dipping with massive points and a side of fries I did not want and a huge loaded with cheese salad.

This is what I took home. I asked the lady was this the half a sandwich she responded yes and then added oh I put fries on the plate because it looked empty...any other time I would have loved fries...can't win sometimes!

All in all I think I'm doing a pretty good job of staying within my point and still eating healthy .  Planning is the key!

Until next time...

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