Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Weight lose is like a bowl of rocky road ice cream...

Well today is weigh in day and I can’t say that I am that thrilled with the results.  I guess the fact that I lost weight it a positive but the fact that I didn’t meet my goal of 6 pounds for the week is kind of saddening. So to date from January 22nd 2014 I have lost 13.6 pounds. I did lose a couple inches in the week.  I suppose inches count too…RIGHT? 

Upper arm

This weight loss means two things to me…step up my game and more water!   I have been doing great with the food part of my plan.  I have been following weight watchers exactly and eating within my plan point and eating a fruit or vegetable with every meal.  I think that the exercise part is the part I am lacking. I COULD do more.   For instance while I was watching Juan the other night I could have been on the spin bike instead of the recliner.  Its little things like that, which I could change in the upcoming weeks.

Things I have learned this week:

Make being fit and healthy a priority in your life! PUT YOURSELF FIRST!

You must put everything else on the back burner, your number one goal is losing weight. I understand people saying you shouldn’t put it before family, friends or your job but in reality you have to put everything aside and fight this battle like your life is on the line and it IS! Nothing is going to help you succeed other than yourself putting yourself first. Think about it before you judge that comment.  Diabetes, heart disease, heart attack…the list goes on.  Think about it…Losing weight should be your number one!

Don’t hoard the points or calories!

I currently get 41 points a day.  I EAT ALL MY POINTS! Fruit and vegetables do not count as points unless you eat more, like you can’t eat 5 cups of strawberries because the sugar in the strawberries are going to haunt you and turn into sugars.  One thing that will happen is that you will literally be starving by 6 pm if you don’t space out and plan your meals.  I usually eat dinner around 5 pm so I can still have time to move around and burn off the food that I just consumed. Each week you lose weight the points go down.  I think I started with 48 points now I am at 41.  I am not sure exactly why this happens but I look at it as a way to incorporate more fruit and vegetables into your diet.  Fill up on them if you are still craving something to eat. Which leads me to the next item…


Okay I am not going to lie I have a sweet tooth a BIG sweet tooth. There are ways to beat that sweet tooth to death.   Try the black bean brownies for instance or some other recipe that uses something healthy but is still sweet and delicious ---Not avocado chocolate chip cookies.  PASS! This was not a good recipe which left a strange after taste in your mouth.  The number one way is fruit.  Grapes—the kind that explode in your mouth full of favor and the skin just pops or strawberries.  Fruit can be a good thing and if you still need something extra try a couple ounces of dark chocolate chips.  If I was going to buy some I would by the minis so that you could have more because honestly when it comes to this matter it is about quantity over quality. Oh and for goodness sakes limit the sugary drinks.  I used to drink a gallon of ice tea a day.  A FREAKING GALLON! I do still buy ice tea but it’s just as a’s there if I need it but usually I go days without drinking it. Or just drink the mocha banana shake I posted a couple days ago...

Stay Positive

Even with a 3.4lbs loss you have to stay positive and keep a clear head and move on to the next week.  Stay on track and continue the journey.  I know that some days it will be less some days more.  If you are honest with yourself and put in the effort there is nothing to be disappointed about and don’t set ridiculous goals.  I did that this week.  I set a goal of six pounds but didn’t factor in that once a month visit all us girls get.  So I suppose a 3.4 pound lose is pretty decent since the salty and chocolate cravings could of sent me into gaining instead of losing any weight.

Until next time…

Monday, February 3, 2014

Set yourself up for success!

One of the biggest challenges I found out now a going on two weeks of this weight loss journey is PLANNING!!!! Being a mother of an overly active six year old involved in so many activities it is sometimes easier just to grab a quick snack and head out the door than it is to prepare a nutritious meal.

For instance two Saturdays ago we had baseball camp from 10-12...we left the house around 9 and I just grabbed a pear. By 10:30 I felt like my stomach was eating itself. Then by 12 I was literally ready to faint from hunger. I did the unthinkable a drive threw when your so hungry. I did only get a mustard chicken wrap which was 9 pts. I was pissed! You can bet your ass I planned ahead this past Saturday. I ate a breakfast and had a snack with just incase i found myself hungry.

One thing I found to be an excellent way of staying on track was to prepare healthy snacks ahead of time counted out and bagged. So when I want something salty I count out 19 pretzels then count out another 19 and place them in a baggy so I can have them handy. Fruit and vegetables are the same way. Vegetables are washed and cut in the refrigerator and fruit at my finger tips washed and ready to devore.

This is all the cut fruit and vegetables eye height in the refrigerator. 

Fruit placed out. 

 Sometimes the best planning can't help you...I met a friend for a lunch/couponing adventure I ordered a half chicken sandwich and side salad. What I got was a whole crispy chicken sandwich dipping with massive points and a side of fries I did not want and a huge loaded with cheese salad.

This is what I took home. I asked the lady was this the half a sandwich she responded yes and then added oh I put fries on the plate because it looked empty...any other time I would have loved fries...can't win sometimes!

All in all I think I'm doing a pretty good job of staying within my point and still eating healthy .  Planning is the key!

Until next time...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Drop it like it's hot...

Sometimes in life you have to just fucking smile, a good mood is always a great way to start your day. Forget about work, life, kids, bills, student loans and all that required shit abd sit back in the glory of your success. I am soooo excited to post this post!

Okay are you ready...sit down...I have been following weight watchers and very minimal exercise for the past week. I only did physical activities two days due to this freezing cold temps and the overwhelming social schedule my son has...the kid is more popular than me!

 Seriously now back to what your dying to hear....I lost 10.8 lbs!!!! That's right almost 11lbs in a freaking WEEK of eating good and healthy foods. It should be 11-12 because my bowels lacked cooperation this morning.  I feel fucking you know when you are so pumped you could run forever or lift a house that is me right now. It was also yesterday because that's really when I lost 10 pounds. Now I feel like I am weighing myself everyday and not hating the number...ummm what is that number a horrible high number of orginally 278.3 LBS !!!! I still don't feel like that number I mean even honey boo boos mom weighs less and look at must be all boobs with me, they are very large but 50 lbs a piece? I don't know! It's just strange. The good thing is that the number is going down and at a great pace. Geez if this keeps up I should be down to my ideal healthy weight by I know that's not going to happen but I'm going to work my ass off to get there.

Like I said's funny what motivates you. I guess you could say your motivation does come within but it helps when someone gives you that encouraging push that we all need. :-)

Now next week I am going to start an exercise program I borrowed and hope that with that and spin I will be really dropping it like it's hot. I thought of a way to get motivated other then doing it with a friend...having my son join in because honestly he will not let me not do it. We already have a hot pink and an electric blue mat to workout on. Now gooser needs to get ready for baseball season so this is a great plan...for now. We will see if that holds true after he is schooling his mommy.

I found a great shake recipe also and if you are counting weight watchers points it's only...FIVE points which is pretty decent for a breakfast drink and it's loaded with yummyness!!!

Here is the recipe:

Banana mocha smoothie

1 large frozen banana cut in chuncks
1/2 cup of cooled coffee
1/2 cup of milk
1 tbsp almond butter
1 tbsp cocoa powder plus a little extra for dusting
And chocolate cover expresso beans ...I have yet to find these????

Blend it all and enjoy!

I will also have measurements this week since I totally forgot about that part and was told about it! :-)

Until next time...

PS.  Hope that was enough fucks to start your day with a smile LD!

Monday, January 27, 2014

It's funny what motivates you ...

Almost a week into my second round of weight loss and I feel inspired and motivated. I feel like I maybe able to go all the way this time. Like every lifestyle change you have to commit to the change and do it for you and nobody else. Don't do it for a job or career, your husband or wife, don't do it for your dog or your kids. DO IT FOR YOU! When you commit to putting yourself first you will succeed. Don't get me wrong doing it for health and to be around for your kids is a great idea but it's not what is going to motivate you. Determine it on your own. Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom before you can start climbing your ladder to the top!

So my motivational buddy sent me a message telling me basically I don't need external motivation because I have it in me...I thought about that all night and yesterday while I was watching my son at baseball camp. I re-read all my blog posts start to finish...but you know what I realized he was right!!! Almost! I do believe that in time my internal motivation will be strong again and "I will be dropping weight like it's my job" but for now I feel like I need to be held accountable. Everyone needs that one person who can give advice or just be a person who can check in on you...I mean it works for alcoholics doesn't it? They say after a month it becomes routine.  It has only been five days. I am pretty pleased with the results so far. I will post my loss on Wednesday morning but there is a loss. YAY!

Currently I am following the weight watchers guidelines for their online program. I am logging in weight watchers online every single thing I eat...even literally counted out 55 gold fish. I did notice since I am a visual data person that I desperately need to eat breakfast. I never did that before and would snack all the time. This week not so much. Another piece of advice is when following the program you never realize how much of your points go to sugary drinks. I have been asking myself if in fact I really need that glass of ice tea.

This morning I met a friend for breakfast, we met a burger king!!!! I knew it was going to be rough but I pulled it off got a breakfast sandwich with ham NO cheese and those powered eggs I love so much...not! no hashbrowns and no soda...I drank water and apple juice. I walked out proud that maybe the temptations are not that strong plus I weighed myself in the morning and why would I want to gain all the weight back because of one stupid choice. plus I'm hoping to pull down double digits by Wednesday morning at the one week mark.

Weight watchers is all about planning. Plan on a snack, plan on a party that you can't eat at because all your points are used up and plan on losing weight.  The best part about this program is they want you to eat but eat healthy. Yesterday I made black bean brownies. YUCK some might say but they are better then half the cupcakes I ever made. Here is the recipe....

Box of your favorite brownie mix ( low fat if available)
Can of black beans

Open and pour your blackbeans in a strainer and wash them off then place them back in the can and fill the can with water. Then place the beans and water in a blender I used my ninja and puree . Once pureed add box mix and blend put in mini muffin cups and bake according to package directions.

These truly are the best brownies, high in fiber and delish!

Happy baking and I'm willing to help motivate you just let me know...

Just remember motivation comes from within but it takes a special person/friend to help you find it and bring it out of you.

Until next time...

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Make things happen...

Make things happen…

            I woke up early today because I started working more…who knew six hours would wipe a person out mentally.  I did a little pinning on pinterest on my phone even though I was thinking I should just get out of bed and hop on the bike, but I knew I was going to ride tonight and I wanted to be to work on time.  Excuses, excuses with me.  I did make a healthy lunch before I left and DID NOT take any snacks with me. 

            Well it was around 10 am when the text came in and asked me if I worked out and brought a healthy lunch.  I could only confirm one of those at the time.  I knew right then that I should of just got out of bed.  Plenty more days to lie about it prove it!

            Today was a stressful day at work not to mention the pain in my ass from those freaking spin bikes why oh why do they make them so hard?  I honestly needed a donut to sit on.   Not exactly my job was stressful today but everything around me all the environmental things you can do nothing about but accept.  By 1:30 and taking small sips on my 8 point ice tea, I was beat—headache, just feeling blah.  I slowly felt myself fading wishing that I brought some kind of candy or pep me up food.  I was good and did not bring anything with me.  I did have many failed attempts at getting my WONDERFUL co-workers to join the color run.  I tried paying for new sneakers and just out right begging no takers yet. They will crack  ;-) eventually!!!


            Basically a boring day. I ate well and painfully rode the bike.   


Until next time…

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lose yourself...

Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted. one moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?


       That amazing quote of the day is from my favorite workout buddy Mr. Mathers.  Today was a day to prove to myself I have what it takes to do this again…my one opportunity, well let’s face it the way I am going I have one foot in the grave with every ice tea gallon I drink and ho ho I shove down my double chin. 

       I got out of bed ready to seize the day pulled the sheets of the bed, washed them and headed to the kitchen to make a “healthy” but delicious breakfast for the Goose and I.  I decided on an English muffin with an egg. So basically I made an “egg mc-crapin” but with a real egg.  (NOT powder eggs) BTW golden arches WTF charging 4.00+ for a powdered egg…you are insane but oh so tasty. 

            Then it was off to lunch time preparation. What oh what was I going to make?  I could go with the usual chez it angry birds snack packs, or Hershey kisses, maybe some cookies or pepperoni and cheese with crackers.  The one thing that stopped me was what if my work peeps read the post yesterday… I better play it safe just in case! I went with a salad Italian dressing and carrots.  Then I packed 2 water bottles and a water bottle filled with ice tea.  Ugh the power of that ice tea is overwhelming on me it would be like taking crack away from a crack whore.  I also packed some strange Spanish hazelnut thing. I was golden. 

        Something I noticed today was that I didn’t snack…maybe there is something to this eating breakfast deal they always talk about.  Later in the day I was talking with a lifetime member of WW, we shall call her Kath and let’s just say she claims she’s needs “time to sit down and read this” what the hell does that mean?  Anyway we shall see if she reads this now! Interestingly enough we were discussing the fact that you really need a routine and plan.  I am all about plans and lists---that’s my thang. I have been known to make lists and put stuff I already completed just so I can cross it off and feel more accomplished.  I CAN NOT be the only one who does this. She showed me the website and the app for the program it looked like something that might work since they have the new kitchen app so for 18.95 a month…I AM NOW A MEMBER!

            Fast forward to after work. I wanted to tell Gibbs that one of his friends was at work with me today and that he walked down the hallway like he owned the place but really I wanted to start up some texting so I could inform him that I got a salad—he I am sure had nothing better to listen to and I need his help to get motivated.  I did this with Pixie Sticks as well sort of…I am not the kind of person to come out and say I am a weak person please help me.  Like I said before I don’t get motivated by people saying “good job” or “you’re doing great”…I am more of a person that needs “that’s all you can do?”  My plan was in effect and now I knew that the people at work and that Gibbs and hopefully after reading this Pixie Sticks will pick up on this hint that I wanted help. 

I DID ride the spin bike tonight and omfg, my fucking boobs are larger than I remember.  Here I am tubby body half on the bike, you know because my fat ass weebling and wobbling around on the tiny seat of that bike.  I did manage to find a video on you tube…it was sucking and I was going to give up. The music sucked the person sucked and I was just going to give it a whirl tomorrow UNTIL a good song came on that Calvin Harris song …so I rode THEN I was getting in to it and then Mr. Mathers Lose Yourself came on well that must have been a sign because HELLO—Love him.  So I stayed riding finished the 35 painful minutes and felt pretty darn good about it. 

            So all in all I had a productive first day…Joined WW, rode the spin bike, washed the sheets and had a salad. 


Until next time…

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Today is the day...well maybe tomorrow!

OMG August 8th 2012 was my last post…what a lazy fuck am I?…I would love to say I am doing good, healthy and living the two piece bathing suit skinny bitch life.  Let’s face it if you don’t have an exercise AND healthy eating routine in your fucking life you will never succeed.  FACT!

After stopping the gym a year deployment away from my husband, a change in placement at work…no more Magnum, Pixie Sticks or Gibbs to help motivate my fat ass I got lazy. Shame on me! Obviously their free motivation was needed.   

        So my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas I replied a SPIN BIKE that’s right the very thing that helped me lose all the weight in the first place. He looked like your joking right while I know in his head he was thinking… Oh great so now we have another useless piece of shit in the basement along with that damn Tony Little Gazelle!…  So I sat there in bed dreaming of the sweat pouring down my face instead of that damn sugar plum fairy and I even watched some spin you-tube videos (in full).  Thinking if I start now by June I should be able to get out of my bathing suit with the ruffled skirt on the bottom for those super fatty chicks to hide their thunder thighs.  I smiled to myself thinking “oh man was this a great plan I wanted to ride that damn bike right off the rims”. I was so hyped. I even wrapped it myself put it under the tree then, Christmas morning I staged it just right and took a picture to rub in all my friends faces so that they could see how lucky I am to have my VERY OWN SPIN BIKE AT HOME!!!!

        January 21, 2014…The bike sits in the corner of the living room unused well almost, my 79 year old grandmother rode it a lot this weekend.  My six year old LOVES using it at a jungle gym.  As for me…I have dusted it off, you know to keep the shine and luster up BUT I have not rode the fucking thing.  I get up thinking TODAY IS THE DAY!!!! Then it turns out I was wrong today was not the day.  UGH! It is so hard to get motivated. I like for someone to be there saying “you fucking fat bitch get moving”. I know with that comment many takers would be able to fulfill that job.  It is just hard getting started. 

        So this morning as I was getting a shower washing the many rolls of my body I DECIDED… January 22, 2014 was the day.  Of course I couldn’t start today I already ate about 7 fucking Hershey kisses on the five feet to the bathroom.  The day was already ruined, why bother?  So I put on my skinny jeans yes I said skinny jeans and headed to work. Isn’t it funny how even fat girls think they can pull them off? I honestly do!

        I am the type of girl that doesn’t see myself as overweight…like I honestly don’t see myself as big.  Maybe I have a higher self-esteem than most I don’t fucking know but what I do know is:

ü Plastic chairs making marks on my outer thighs

ü Even elastic skinny jeans feeling tight

ü Need for makeup application on my double chin

ü Can’t cross my legs

ü The cubical at work is getting smaller

ü I wish I didn’t throw out all those bigger sized clothes

ü AND when you are getting out of the shower and your six year old says “mommy do you have a baby in your belly?”

I guess I should try to weigh myself and measure again ugh I really don’t want to see what a year and a half of sitting on the couch drinking gallons of ice tea and being lazy has done but even if nobody reads this I should really do it for me right? Who am I fooling people read this shit and think wow this bitch is crazy as fuck what a weirdo.  Or at least that’s what I imagine in my head but let’s face it many strange things roll around that plump ball every day.

Until next time… (this time I won’t deprive you for so long)